OSD easy as 1, 2, 3

Rocla® recently supplied a large sewage detention tank to the Ellivale residential estate at Traralgon, Victoria, for emergency on-site storage.

Supervising engineers Beveridge Williams & Co. appointed Smolenaars Plumbing to construct the sewage works.

Smolenaars requested that the specified tank be changed to a Rocla® OSD tank to take advantage of the installation and construction benefits of the precast concrete product.

Rocla® Pipeline Products supplied three lengths of 3000mm diameter steel-reinforced concrete pipe with rubber ring joints. Two of the sections were supplied with cast ends to complete the tank. Because of the size of the tank and the site conditions, a 90- tonne crane was required, making timely manufacture and delivery critical elements of the job.

The tank components were delivered at 8.30am and installation was completed in just three hours. Daniel Smolenaars said he was very happy with the quality product and the technical advice he received from Rocla®, as well as the on-time delivery.

Rocla® OSD systems constructed from precast pipes and box culverts are easy to install, long-lasting and provide known storage volumes. Construction advantages include same-day backfilling for increased site safety and the strength to withstand traffic from heavy machinery after installation.