Permatrak® Boardwalk System both practical and pretty for luxury housing development

With the entrance to their new prestige housing development ‘Insignia’ in Ballarat being adjacent to one of the longest Avenues of Honour in the world, Integra Group were seeking a good-looking boardwalk solution to further enhance the landscape design.

“Because this is an infill site we had a lot of stormwater detention to do and we also had to be mindful not to take anything away from the Avenue of Honour,” explained Richard Howell, Operations Manager for Integra Group.

The project called for a solution with the same characteristics as the existing concrete footpath that could accommodate detention underneath.

On choosing Rocla’s modular PermaTrak® Boardwalk System, Integra got more than good looks.

“It was absolutely the right product for this situation,” said Richard. “It has longevity, lack of maintenance and the ability to replace components, but also fits in with the fairly heavy, almost industrial aesthetic we’ve got going here. It looks great.”

Integra are delighted with the result and are intending to use the Rocla PermaTrak® Boardwalk System elsewhere in the project. “There are a couple of parks where we will use it over a tree root zone which means we won’t have to excavate the roots,” said Richard.