Pre-benched sewer pits a major time saver on subdivisions

Currently Civforce is carrying out civil works on stage two of a six-stage AV Jennings residential subdivision, Essington Rise, at Leichhardt, southwest of Brisbane.

 Brian Kendall, of Civforce, said they had first used the Rocla® sewer access system with pre-benched bases on a project with a very tight time frame, and had found the time savings so significant they were reluctant to return to pouring bases in situ.

 “On a subdivision stage like this one we are installing more than 30 bases, which would normally require a dedicated crew,” Brian said.

 “With the pre-benched bases, we just drop them in and move on.  The same crew can lay the pipe up to the pit, place the manhole base, then carry on laying pipe while the manhole is completed.

 “It might take two days to form up the bases in situ, and if it rains – which is inevitable around Brisbane – it can get very messy, whereas the pre-benched bases take about a half-hour to install.  It’s a great idea, much tidier and the councils also like it,” Brian said.

 Rocla is also supplying precast stormwater pipes and headwalls to Civforce for the project.