Precast columns speed up construction

Rocla® Building Columns can dramatically speed up construction and reduce associated costs in all types of buildings, from single to multi-storey.

These hollow-core concrete columns are 30% lighter than solid columns and offer high strength on a small footprint.

The quality-controlled manufacturing process provides high strength reinforced concrete, more economical columns and a gain in floor space.

The columns are delivered to site ready to erect, complete with cast-in components for fast connection to footings, beams and other building elements.

They are available in a range of diameters and lengths up to 24 metres, with a range of wall thicknesses, strengths and fire ratings. Tapered columns and larger diameters can also be supplied.

Rocla® Building Columns can be used as fully structural columns, permanent formwork or as self supporting permanent formwork. They are suitable for all applications, including high-rise, commercial, industrial and residential.