Precast solution aids construction of tricky culvert

Camden Council, in southwest Sydney, recently installed a large culvert under a busy roadway at Narellan.The triple-cell box culvert was constructed by TJ & RF Fordham using precast Rocla® box culverts and link slabs.

The new culvert was constructed beside an existing triple-cell culvert that no longer provided adequate flow during heavy rains.The fast pace of industrial and residential development in the area has greatly increased stormwater runoff in the creek under the road in recent years.

Rocla® designed and manufactured large box culverts (4200 x 3000) and link slabs (3600 ) for the project, including special splayed units to match the angled alignment of the roadway and the creek.

The busy highway, Camden Valley Way, could not be closed completely, requiring one half of the road to be kept open at all times.However, because the road was not wide enough to allow two lanes of traffic, the existing culvert was extended using 2100mm diameter concrete pipes and an additional temporary lane was constructed above it for the duration of the project.