Queensland culvert bridge ready for the next big wet

Ipswich City Council in South-East Queensland recently replaced an ageing timber bridge with a culvert-bridge constructed from Rocla® reinforced concrete box culverts.

The culvert, on the Thagoona Haigslea Rd at Thagoona, crosses a normally dry gully but is designed to cope with high water volumes generated by major storm events. One of those events occurred during construction, submerging the base slab under a metre of water and delaying the project by three weeks. Ipswich Council project manager, Andrew Staaz, said the precast culvert solution was simple to install once the base slab was prepared, and provided a higher volume than a pipe culvert.

“Pipe culverts are simpler since you don’t need a base slab,” Andrew said, “but you do need a lot more pipes for the same water volume.” The old bridge had no facility for pedestrians, while the new crossing has been fitted with a kerb, channel and guardrail, making life easier for both drivers and pedestrians.

The culvert bridge was constructed using a mixture of council day labour and subcontractors. Rocla supplied 42 RCBCs (3600 x 2400 x 1220mm) manufactured to Queensland Main Roads specifications.