Quick precast solution for largest sewage OSD system in East Gippsland

 East Gippsland Water has installed the largest pipe wastewater retention storage system in the region, using a Rocla® OSD system

The 215kL underground storage, in Howitt Park at Bairnsdale, is part of an ongoing upgrade of wastewater infrastructure across the region in response to increasing population.

It will be used as required during extreme wet weather events to reduce operational stress on a nearby sewer pump station, as well as provide temporary storage and reduce the likelihood of spills.

Two further OSD systems were installed using 1500mm diameter Rocla® sulfide resistant RC pipe, one at Johnsonville (65kL) and another in Bairnsdale (40kL).

Tenders were called through the Bairnsdale office of the corporation's consulting engineers AECOM (previously Maunsell AECOM) and were let to local contractor Terry Albert of Albcon.

Terry, a long-time Rocla customer, met with Rocla's local representative, Robert Burns, to arrange supply and installation schedules for the three sites.

The largest system, at Howitt Park in Bairnsdale, required 34 sections of Rocla® 1800 RRJ pipe, with cast ends, access chambers and light duty covers.

All products had to be manufactured and supplied to co-ordinate with site inspections and crane availability, to allow the contractor to save on construction times. All three storage units were installed and operating within the time required. Terry Albert said having Rocla pre-cast the pipe ends and access points made installation faster and easier.