Rocla brings versatile TSS Capture Device to Australia

(March 2018) After the successful launch of the First Defense® vortex separator, Rocla has introduced the First Defense® High Capacity (HC) separator, bringing a whole new level of performance in effective stormwater treatment to Australia.

Steve Baker, National Water Quality Manager for Rocla, says that the First Defense® HC is a versatile TSS Capture Device designed with flexibility in mind and to maximise available site space without compromising the treatment level.

With internal components designed to remove and retain gross debris, total suspended solids (TSS) and hydrocarbons, the device prevents pollutant washout at peak flows to ensure maximum efficiency.

“The First Defense HC is an adaptable online treatment system so it works easily with large pipes, multiple inlet pipes, inlet grates and now also contains a high capacity bypass for the conveyance of large peak flows,” Steve says.

The First Defense® HC has a long flow path through the device that ensures extended residence time within the treatment chamber and enhances the pollutant settling. All higher flows bypass the treatment chamber to prevent turbulence and washout of any captured pollutants, protecting the surrounding environment.

“The device has a retrofit installation that means stormwater treatment can be placed on, or tied into, an existing stormwater line. A key flexibility for any challenging sites,”

Designed, tested and proven globally by Rocla’s technology partner, Hydro International, it is suitable for sites constrained by space, topography or draining profiles with limited slope and depth of cover.

Available from Rocla under exclusive license in Australia, the First Defense® HC is delivered to site pre-assembled and ready for installation.