Rocla CleansAll® GPT a good fit at Hillbank

When Tripodi Group was tasked with constructing the stormwater system for Stage 1 of a new subdivision development in Hillbank, South Australia, they chose to work with Rocla.

“There were two Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) units – one smaller and one larger,” said Tony Costanzo, Project Manager for Tripodi Group. “The small one picks up all the stormwater runoff from the 1 km long entry road and takes all the solids and nasties out of it before being discharged into an existing creek. The large unit picks up stormwater off the subdivision roadways and cleans it prior to discharge to another existing creek.”

With the units initially specified as a competitor product, Tripodi Group worked with the consultant to switch to Rocla. “Because of our relationship and previous work with Rocla, we installed their units as we were familiar with the product and find them easy to install. One in particular was in a fairly tight area and, with Rocla’s units being cylindrical and deep rather than squat, it was a better fit.”

Installation was completed in a single day. “Because we had pre-dug the holes based on the design drawings and because the Rocla units go together simply, our guys flew through them,” said Tony.

Rocla was present for the installation of the larger GPT unit. “That’s a unique service we don’t get elsewhere,” said Tony. “It shows us Rocla cares about making sure their products are installed properly.”