Rocla® culverts the first step in massive project

Rocla® products contributed to the on-time completion of the first stage of one of the largest civil projects ever undertaken in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley.The four-year project involves major earthworks, including the diversion of a river and construction of a new road.

As part of the power industry’s plans for future access to the coal reserves of the Latrobe Valley, 200km east of Melbourne, a river and a major feeder road are being realigned to circumvent the future open-cut mine site.

International Power Hazelwood let a major project to Roche Thiess Linfox which involves moving some 10 million cubic metres of earth to divert the Morwell River from its existing pipeline into a new 9.5km open channel.

Roche Thiess Linfox began the project in December 2006 with the roadworks section, which will be completed by May 2008, with full completion of the project by January 2010.The new road will connect the Latrobe Valley to the coastal areas of South Gippsland, including Phillip Island and Wilson’s Promontory.

The roadworks included a number of culverts, for which Rocla supplied pipes, box culverts with lids, and headwalls.The two major crossings were a 6-cell box culvert (with 1200 x 900 box culverts and lids) and a twin-cell 1800mm Rubber Ring Joint Class 3 pipe culvert.

All the drainage lines had to be constructed by the Roche Thiess Linfox drainage team on time, so the earthworks for the road could continue without hold-ups.

Rocla, through close contact with the Roche Thiess Linfox project engineer, Mario Monacella, was able to co-ordinate deliveries as required and offer advice on different design aspects of the project.Rocla was able to meet the demands of the very tight time scale by manufacturing products at several locations.

Products supplied included box culverts and lids to a combined length of 384 metres, as well as more than 1200 metres of RRJ pipe in diameters from 300mm to 1800mm, with precast headwalls to suit.