Rocla Helps Waterproof The West

Aiming to combat flooding issues, Adelaide’s City of Charles Sturt Council has embarked on an innovative stormwater recycling project using a range of Rocla products – from high spec concrete box culverts to MassBloc® retaining walls.

Dubbed ‘Waterproofing the West’, the initiative will see stormwater harvested, treated and stored in specific locations for future use in high demand areas.

Stage one of the project includes five components, the first of which is the Old Port Road wetlands and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR). A range of Rocla products were selected for use in this part of the project, including:

  • 500 metres of rubber ring joint pipe, in 1800 and 1950 diameters.
  • 250 metres of large span Rocla® Concrete Box Culverts, manufactured to high loading and aggressive soil specifications.
  • 150 MassBloc® units.
  • A large quantity of small pipe and small Rocla® Concrete Box Culverts.
  • A CDS® gross pollutant trap unit.

Civil engineering and construction company Bardavcol is responsible for delivering the works and Rocla Sales Representative Rob De Nys says the two companies worked well together.

“It turned out to be a really high quality project, one that we’re all proud of,” he says.

Andrew Wood, Construction Engineer for Bardavcol, agreed.

“All of the hard work shows when you see the final project and how well all of the different stormwater, structural and environmental elements are combined,” he says.