Rocla precast pits provide an electric solution!

RKO pits, usually considered for stormwater application are sparking into life a new market segment for Rocla, electrical pits.

Recently, a high security facility in Queensland, looking to create a forensic centre as an extension to their mental health department, enlisted the help of Rocla. 

The project required a timely solution to housing electrical junctions, associated with the new extension.  Their desire was to avoid the inefficiencies associated with en situ concrete pouring, opting instead to utilise Rocla’s precast capabilities.

For this project it was decided that our Rectangular Knock-Out (RKO) pits, originally designed for stormwater could provide the answer.  Although RKO pits are not usually associated with the electrical market, the heavy duty class D version has the structural integrity required to meet industry standards.

To meet the specialised requirements of this particular job, the cast iron covers were fitted with tamper resistant Barri Bolts.  To open these covers a ‘keyed bolt’ is required, ensuring that any access into the pits is tightly controlled.

This project highlights the versatility of RKO pits.  The RKO, originally designed to meet the stringent requirements of storm water application is now being applied to the electrical market with immediate success.