Rocla products meet special site conditions

Rocla’s ability to custom-make products to a range of specifications and deliver to a demanding schedule were key factors in the award of a series of major supply contracts for the Victorian Desalination Project.

Asset owner AquaSure contracted Thiess Degrémont to design and construct the plant, which includes a reverse osmosis desalination process plant, and associated marine tunnels and structures, an 84 kilometre water transfer pipeline and a co-located underground powerline to supply power to the plant.

Thiess relied on Rocla to supply a range of product that would meet the special site conditions, in particular the sulphate soil environment.

Rocla’s supply contribution to the project involved three key areas:

  • 2,000 metres of 1200 x 900 down to 600 x 450 Rocla® culverts to carry electrical cabling and chemical pipes.
  • 5,000 metres of Rocla® pipe, ranging from 375mm to 1200mm in diameter, in classes 2, 3 and 4.
  • 900no Rocla® sewer access chambers for use as air and scour pits (in 1180mm to 3000mm diameters, in different segment heights to suit finished surface levels).

“Every product needed to be made to meet tight production and delivery requirements, and we manufactured at our Wodonga and Campbellfield plants to ensure the client’s needs would be met,” says Rocla Sales Representative Robert Burns.

Robert adds that, due to the distance to the project site, most deliveries were made in the very early morning so that trucks could return to the factory and re-load in time for the next day’s delivery.

About the project

The Victorian Desalination Project is a development of huge significance for the state.

The plant, which cost $3.5 billion to build, contributes water to Melbourne, Geelong and regional areas to supplement existing catchments in times of drought.

Construction of the desalination plant and water transfer pipeline launched in September 2009 and was completed in December 2012.