Rocla® Strong Poles help electricty supplier span river

Two Rocla® Strong Poles (RSPs) provided the height and strength required to support a 33kV line over the Brisbane River at Moggill Ferry Crossing.  The 37-metre poles, with 160kN ultimate load, were embedded 7 metres into concrete socket foundations on either side of the river, providing a 17 metre midspan height clearance.

The line is part of a $5 million electricity upgrade in Brisbane’s western suburbs by Energex, to increase the capacity of the existing network by 50 per cent.

The project allows Energex to cater for future growth in the area by building on the current electricity network with an increased capacity of supply.  The existing network is being upgraded with new poles and power lines in  the Moggill area.  The upgrade is necessary because of an increase in population growth in recent years of nearly 14 per cent and the rapid uptake of high energy use devices such as air conditioners and wide screen televisions.

The Rocla® RSP range is available in either reinforced or pre-stressed concrete with common tip sizes to suit cross-arms and other steelwork.  Poles are supplied in sections that are bolted together on site using simple lug and stud connectors.