Rocla takes huge culvert order in its stride

Rocla’s engineering and manufacturing expertise were recently challenged by an order for 666 large precast box culverts and 392 link slabs for a new road north of Brisbane.

The culverts are being supplied to Queensland Main Roads contractor, the FRH Group, for three culvert crossings on a new link road, to prevent flooding during storm events.

Linkfield Connection Road is a 2.2km stretch of highway designed to relieve traffic congestion and delays on the road system in the northern suburbs.

For the first 9-cell culvert crossing, illustrated here, Rocla Pipeline Products in Brisbane delivered 90 box culverts with an internal span of 3600mm and internal height of 1800mm, plus 72 link slabs with a 3600mm internal span.

For the second 7-cell crossing, Rocla produced 192 large culverts (3600 x 3600) and 32 link slabs, while the largest crossing, with 21 cells, required 384 culverts (3600 x1500) and 288 link slabs.

John Fiori, from FRH, said Rocla designed and manufactured the culverts in time, even when the design of the largest culverts had to be changed at a late stage to accommodate a greater fill height.

All the culverts and slabs were designed to Queensland Main Roads specification MRS 11.24 (10/03).