Rocla to the rescue on emergency culvert


An urgent road culvert replacement in Bass Coast Shire, 100km southeast of Melbourne, could have taken a lot longer if not for Rocla’s ability to supply stock pipes and headwalls.

Bass Coast Shire found that one of the culverts along Dalyston-Glen Forbes Road at Ryanston was developing problems. A geotechnical report showed the previous crossing was contributing to a land slip and had to be replaced as a matter of urgency.

The Shire, wanting to avoid prolonged disruption to traffic, contacted Rocla to inquire if stock products were available to meet a tight delivery schedule. Although the culvert was up to 5 metres deep in some sections, it was decided after consulting Rocla and the CPAA document 3725 that Class 2 pipe would be suitable.

Rocla was able to supply the required nine sections of Class 2 1800mm rubber ring joint pipe from stock, as well as precast headwalls. This allowed contractor Owens Excavations to complete the project in just over two weeks, despite the need to excavate a substantial amount of the bedrock common to this mountainous region.