Rocla® building columns offer strength and beauty

Proving that a happy marriage can exist between form and function, Rocla® high strength, free-standing building columns make up a key element of the design of La Trobe University’s $71 million molecular science research, teaching and learning facility in Melbourne.

The 11,000m², 5 star ‘Green Design’ building includes six levels of teaching and research laboratories, a 200 seat auditorium and connections to adjoining buildings.

The design for the project, which was completed by Watpac last year, originally specified steel-cased, reinforced concrete columns to provide architectural interest and strength to the facade.

Rocla® 810mm diameter building columns product were then suggested as a substitute that would provide the same strength and finish in a much more cost effective way.

Manufactured at Rocla’s Wodonga Plant, Rocla® building columns were delivered in stages during 2011 and 2012, to meet Watpac’s construction programme.

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