Rocla® CDS® gross pollutant trap beyond comparison

Rocla®’s premium gross pollutant trap (GPT) has provided an ideal solution to site water quality issues at Europcar’s rental vehicle yard, near Brisbane Airport.

The yard is used for washing and detailing rental cars and a GPT was needed to treat storm water. Project Designer HS Rekaris & Associates and Hohl Plumbing chose the Rocla® CDS® unit for the job.

Rocla’s Gailes branch in Brisbane supplied one CDS® GPT to the project; it was delivered in early April and installed over two days.

The Rocla®  CDS® GPT unit offers  a number  of unique features that other GPT’s do not.

  • Rocla’s patented Continuous Deflective Separation indirect screening technology is designed to capture and retain gross pollutants, litter, grit, sediments and associated oils.
  • Best management practice for storm water pollutant traps involves locating the devices off-line and separating the storage and screening zones. Only Rocla® CDS® units combine the advantages of being off-line, having non-blocking functionality, vortex forces and storing pollution outside the screening area. For these reasons, no other device is equivalent to a CDS® unit.
  • The  CDS® unit boasts 95% capture  of gross pollutants  >1mm and 95% sediment capture >200μm. The unit captures organics, oils, adsorbed toxics and nutrients. It can treat any pipe or multiple pipes and there are various sump sizes available.
  • The unit also offers customised bypass requirements and, as it is easily installed underground, it has a small footprint.
  • There are no moving parts and it has the lowest life-cycle costs on the market.
  • It treats more water than any other comparable treatment designs and, with the pollutants stored in the sump instead of the screens, these don’t fill up and block.