Rocla® steel reinforced pipe provides speedy solution

A regular challenge on drainage projects is laying pipe across roads with minimal disruption to traffic.

When long-standing Rocla customer, Comar Constructions approached stage two of a major drainage project in central Yarram, Gippsland, they specified Rocla®  steel reinforced concrete pipe.

The project involved laying a main trunk pipeline within streets and across main roads in Yarram, draining into the recently built wetlands and recreational  area on the west side of the town.

Rocla®  rubber ring joint pipes, made to AS4058, ensured a consistent standard and ease of laying.

As a result 300 metres of pipe, ranging in diameter from 750 mm to 1500mm, was installed in just 8 weeks.

As well as minimising traffic disruptions during installation, the speed of construction also reduced disruption for shop keepers in the central business district.

“This was a magnificent job,” says Colin Plant of Comar Constructions. “From a construction point of view we can lay Rocla® pipes so quickly – the consistent high quality of the product meant that every pipe spigot matched perfectly to the previously laid socket, allowing the rubbers to roll home easily and the job to run efficiently, which reassures me we’re using the best product.”