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No Carbon | Geopolymer | Geelong’s New Bridges Are A Small Step for Rocla. A Great Leap for Sustainability.


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Rocla’s ARtec® Geopolymer concrete and Inconmat glass fibre polymer reinforcement have created two bridges designed by Austeng and Deakin University to last 100 years for the City of Geelong Council.

This bridge is a vision into the future of precast concrete. Low Carbon because the geopolymer-concrete decks and structural components DO NOT contain either steel or (OPC) cement.

Faced with significant bridge maintenance costs, in 2017 the City of Greater Geelong (Victoria) applied the Procurement for Innovation concept to a 100-year maintenance-free bridge tender to replace two timber bridges in Geelong’s Seagull Park.

As a member of the winning consortium, Rocla’s Campbellfield facility in North Melbourne produced two 10m long geopolymer-concrete pedestrian bridges (planks, beams, end caps and piles) delivered in early 2021. Made from Rocla’s patented ARtec® geopolymer-concrete and carbon and glass fibre polymer reinforcing bar, the bridges contain NO cement and NO steel.

The bridge designer, Dr Subhani of Deakin University said “the new design would avoid the usual problem of corrosion that occurs in conventional steel reinforced concrete construction.” “This bridge should not require maintenance for the whole of its design life”.

Rocla’s ARtec® geopolymer-concrete contains no cement and is an environmentally sustainable acid resistant product including fly ash, a by-product of coal combustion. Rocla is recognised as a leader in geopolymer development which has the potential to replace equivalent amounts of Ordinary Portland Cement – the second largest global generator of CO2 emissions.


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