Rocpole™ Re-launched

Rocla’s unique RocPole™ software solution is set to move to a web-based platform as part of a major upgrade.

Popular with telecommunications providers and the consultants charged with designing their networks, RocPole™ assists in the selection of the best fit telecommunications or communications pole for environmental and topographical conditions.

It allows users to input a range of site parameters, area loads and point loads, to create a summary of serviceability and ultimate limit state results.

In addition to the existing functionality, the upgraded program will provide access to Rocla’s range of standard communication poles, and will also feature:

  • A web-based interface that can be easily accessed from anywhere in Australia, with no download required.
  • More accurate analysis.
  • Results that include a serviceability tip rotation value and rough loading percentage.
  • The ability to save sites and return to them later.

The new software will be launched in late 2014, and will be accessible through