Round tank in a square hole easy for lightweight Plastream® tank

The Rocla Plastream® in-ground storage system turned a very confined site into a comfortable fit for Hurst Plumbing in Adelaide.

A 50kL rainwater utilisation system was the last component of a new building at Concordia College in Highgate. There was little room to spare between the building and a stormwater drain, with almost no street access and power cables overhead. The light weight of the one-piece Plastream® tank allowed it to be installed using the Hiab crane mounted on the back of the delivery truck, swinging the 14-metre tank into the 15.5-metre trench with ease.

Rainwater collected from the roof of the new building will be stored in the tank, then pumped back, via a sterilisation unit, for flushing 11 toilets. The tank is buried in a garden area with one metre of cover, making it trafficable if the occasion should arise.

Richard Hurst of Hurst Plumbing said the Plastream® tank was specified for its affordability and ease of installation. “In this case, with access being so limited, it was the perfect tank for the location,” Richard said.

Plastream® storage systems are available in lengths up to 14m, enabling the most difficult site to be accommodated. A major advantage is the reduced on-site handling costs that can be achieved by matching diameter and length to the specific site.