Single lift, shaped culverts make the job easy

In 2013, in the same week, Rocla’s state of the art steel reinforced composite (SRC) pipe facility in Adelaide achieved two major milestones – the extrusion of one million metres of pipe and delivery of its longest single lift, shaped culverts to date.

Creation of a new culvert crossing as part of the Kellerberrin-Bencubbin Road Realignment utilised the unique benefits offered by Plastream® pipe including made to order 15.8m length 1500 mm diameter pipes which allowed the crossing to be constructed quickly with readily available equipment in a remote location. Each length of pipe was shaped at both ends to suit the road realignment and cater for minimal finishing on site.

“Ease of placement is the best thing about Plastream® – the pipes are so light and easy to place,” says Paul Sutton from Avon Concrete who was responsible for the installation. “On another  project using Rocla Plastream® pipe we also found that portability in a confined space was great, and there is no need to hire heavy equipment. It all adds up to cost savings.”

Kellerberrin is a strategic grain receival point with increasing traffic traversing this section of the Council’s Grain Freight Network Route resulting in the desire to create a safer and more robust section of road.