Small shire council with big building program

Tumut Shire Council in southern NSW has an impressive infrastructure program that belies its small population.

Located in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, Tumut Shire is mostly national park and forestry, with only a half-dozen towns, but the council has completed seven M-Lock® bridges in recent years.

Rocla’s precast concrete products and poles facilities in Wodonga have been supplying the council regularly with M-Lock® components, spun concrete piles and MassBloc® earth retention units for its busy building program.

The most recent structure, Purcell’s Bridge, has a double-lane width and four spans of 12 metres. Designed by Xeros Kendall, of Wagga, the bridge is skewed 15 degrees and features Rocla® spun concrete piles mounted on concrete footings.

This is the third large M-Lock® bridge in the Shire, two of which were built as part of the NSW Roads & Traffic Authority’s bridge building program for regional roads.

There are also three single-span bridges and a recent double-span bridge over Little River, with two spans of 11 metres and 15 metres. This bridge includes the first 15-metre planks supplied by Rocla Wodonga.

All bridges were built by Snowy Works & Services, the business arm of Tumut Shire Council. SnowyWS was established in 2002 to provide construction and maintenance services for the council and to increase revenue by bidding for external projects.

SnowyWS acts as preferred supplier to the council, with all services delivered on a cost recovery basis, but also creates employment and raises funds to improve community assets.