Total Precast Bridge Solution

Upper Lachlan Shire Council, in the NSW Central West, took full advantage of the speed and economy of precast concrete construction when building a new bridge on the main road from Crookwell to Bathurst.

The new three-span bridge is constructed entirely from Rocla® precast components, including the M-Lock® bridge system, Duraspun® concrete piles, and the MassBloc® earth retention system, which was used to build retaining walls for the steep embankments. The M-Lock® bridge replaced an old concrete causeway over Tuena Creek on Junction Point Road that was subject to flooding several times a year.

With funding from the RTA, Upper Lachlan Shire Council undertook construction of the bridge using its own bridge gang. Earthworks and piling were sub-contracted but the council’s own labour placed the bridge headstocks and planks and built the retaining walls to an RTA design. The new bridge raises the road 4 metres above the old causeway and spans more than 30 metres (two 9.6m spans and one 12m span).